Vitamin Storage

Vitamins are often essential for keeping you strong and healthy. However, when you’re taking more than one type their bottles tend to take up a lot of space and cause clutter. These bottles are often different shapes and sizes which makes them hard to keep organized without the right tools.

A big bunch of unorganized bottles can take away from the look of your home and equal wasted time each day spent searching for the right ones. So here are the top vitamin storage ideas you’ll want to check out.

Pill Organizers

While many people use them to keep medicine, a pill organizer is also perfect for vitamins too. A lot of people use them both! Many organizers are rectangular in shape and have separate compartments for each day of the week. This can be a big time saver since you won’t have to open individual bottles or remember how many pills you’ve taken already.

Everything is all laid out for you in advance. Some organizers are a little larger and allow you to keep more than one week’s worth of vitamins. There are also models that have two compartments for each individual day so you can keep vitamins for the morning and night.

Vitamin Storage


Some vitamins and supplements pills are a little larger in size than others. So if you are looking for a place to keep your fish oil pills or for vitamin D storage you will want to make sure that they can fit inside the compartments.

Not all organizers are rectangular or made for keeping daily doses of vitamins. Some take the shape round containers that have separate compartments for different types of vitamins. These are very handy for clearing up counter spaces that may be cluttered with bottles and can be a great travel.

Vitamin Storage


Multi-Tiered Racks

For some people storing their vitamins in the bottle is preferable. This can be helpful if in the future you have to look at the information on the bottle for any reason. For making sure all of those bottles are organized a multi-tiered rack is an easy solution.

A rack will fit inside of cabinets and on top of counter tops to reduce clutter. One of the biggest advantages of having different tiers is that it allows you to see all of the bottles and read their labels easily. You can see the bottles in the back just as clearly as the ones in the front.

Since you can instantly pick out the bottle you need you won’t have to shuffle or move things around. Be sure to choose one with raised edges though, so that the bottles will stay in place and won’t fall over when you’re reaching in. While most racks are square or rectangular, others are to fit neatly in corners and are therefore wedge shaped.

Vitamin Storage


Adding some shelves specifically designed for vitamin bottle storage can work too. When installed on a wall or the inside of a cabinet they can keep bottles from taking over your counter. Shelving for vitamins should be made from a clear material so that you can see each and every bottle.

You will also want to pick shelves that are wide enough to fit he bottles you will be using. They will also need to have enough distance between them so that you can both pull bottles out and place them inside without a problem. If they can’t fit them on lower shelves, placing tall bottles on the top shelf is always a simple solution since there won’t be anything above it.

Vitamin Storage


Storage Boxes

A storage box or bin is a simple way to keep all your bottles together. A material like clear plastic is best since it will let you see inside. These are often used right on the counter, in drawers, and shelves. If you will be using a box on a shelf you may want to consider a model that has an extended front edge that is designed to make pulling it out easy.

While some boxes may be divided into separate compartments others may have only one. Depending on how tall your bottles are and where you will be keeping your box you many also want to think about a box with a lid to keep out dust. And of course these types of boxes can be used for all sorts of other items as well.

Vitamin Storage


One of the most fun vitamin storage ideas is a turntable. Also known as a lazy Susan, these are a counter top and bed-side favorite. But they also work inside of cabinets too. Instead of moving bottles around, all you have to do is give it a quick spin.

Some models may come with multiple tiers to make seeing bottles easier. If you will be keeping taller bottles or those made from glass a turntable with higher sides is the best way to go so you won’t have to worry about them falling over and out.

Vitamin Storage

These options are sure to cut down on clutter and save you time each every day. You may want to use just one or a few together depending on your needs and how many vitamins you have.

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