Dry dog food is very convenient for the pet owner since it can be bought in bulk, isn’t messy, and lasts for quite a while. However anyone with a pooch knows that having the right food storage container is a must. Without one you’ll run the risk of creating a pest problem, having food lose its freshness, and even your pet getting sick. Here are the top three container materials for keeping your canine’s food.

Plastic Means Convenience

The most convenient material for dry dog food storage is plastic for a number of reasons. One of the biggest advantages is that plastic is naturally water-resistant which means it can keep out moisture prolonging the food’s freshness. This also makes plastic containers a smart choice for use outdoors or in garages and basements where moisture or flooding might be a problem.

The majority of plastic options will provide you with an airtight seal that will also really help to make food last as long as possible which of course will save you cash. The fact that plastic containers are usually very budget friendly always helps too. And of course they are often designed to be stacked on top of each other or to fit on shelves which makes them a huge space-saver.

Some are even made to be mounted on the wall so that you can save even more floor space. While containers and bins made specifically for dog food are fantastic, you may be able to use something you have at home already. Many that are sold for human food can be used for kibble as well. If you have an outdoor storage bench or deck box you may also want to consider placing your bag of dog food in one of these along with something like a bag clip to help keep the dog bag closed.

Wood For Charm

Nothing beats the charm of real wood. If you are a fan of natural materials this could be the right choice for you especially if you are more partial to a country look. However some containers can also look very modern as well, especially in black. For owners of larger dog breeds or older pets there are also wooden storage containers with raised feeding stations on top.

With both a water and food bowl higher up your pet won’t have to bend down as far and you can use the storage below for dog food or toys if you like. These are also available in plastic. Don’t forget though that unlike plastic, wood may need care and the amount will depend on the type of wood your container is made out of. If you like the look of wood and are handy you may want to consider making a container yourself. A set of reliable plans can help you to do so.


Metal Makes A Statement  

Yet another material choice is metal. Metal storage cans often have an airtight seal just like with plastic.  They also can add some vintage style to wherever you use them. If you are looking to save space and need to stack them vertically make sure you choose containers with a flat top.

You will also want to keep in mind that metal needs to be kept somewhere dry to prevent corrosion, so definitely indoors and not any place that is damp. A lot of pet owners like to use metal cans that they already own and then re-paint them in a different color adding doggy designs or even their pets name when they do.

For keeping your pet’s dry food pest-free and fresh plastic, wood, and metal all work well. Just be sure to pick the one that meets your preferences and will work the best for where and how you will be using it.

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