Cotton Swab Holder

We all use cotton swabs to make sure our ears stay clean, but keeping them organized is something that many of us overlook. Instead we keep them stored away in drawers or cabinets in the same box that we bought them in. Not only is this inconvenient but it almost always leads to dropping swabs and simply wasting time. With a cotton swab holder though, you won’t have to deal with this situation anymore.

Keep Things Neat And Where You Need Them

Swabs are one beauty product that most people use on a daily basis. And this means you’ll want to keep them close by for easy access. By using a holder, it will make sure that you always have them right where need them while keeping your space free from clutter.

Cotton Swab Holder

Protect Your Swabs

A cotton swab holder will also protect your swabs which is very important. Since they will be used inside of your ears and sometimes for cosmetic purposes you will want to be sure your swabs are kept clean and free from dust. When placed in a holder they are also protected from moisture and water which can of course is critical especially in places like the bathroom.

What And Where

Even though they are designed for swabs, holders can also be used for things like cotton balls, makeup pads, bobby pins, tooth picks, plastic flossers, and bath salts just to name a few. And while they are normally used on the bathroom counter where you put yours is totally up to you.

Depending on their size and shape holders can be placed on shelves, in drawers, on the top of the toilet tank, or in the medicine cabinet. You’ll want to use yours wherever it is the most convenient for your needs and space.

Cotton Swab Holder



Before you choose a holder it would be a good idea to decide what material you want. Most people like to be able to see how many swabs they have inside so that they know when they are running low.  And that is why the majority of containers are made from either clear glass or acrylic.

A glass cotton swab holder will usually cost a little more but will also look more elegant. Some people are hesitant to use glass because they are afraid that if their holder falls on the counter or tile floor that it will shatter.

This is definitely something to think about especially if you have kids. That being said, you’re not going to be lifting it up and putting it down every time you need a swab, you only will be opening and closing the lid.

Cotton Swab Holder

An acrylic cotton swab holder on the other hander will not shatter and is normally cheaper to buy than glass. Depending on the quality though, some can actually look much more expensive than they really are. Acrylic might be a better choice if you are concerned about it getting knocked over or will be keeping it somewhere that this could happen more easily, such as on top of the toilet tank or high up on a shelf.

There are other transparent materials that are more high-end to pick from too, for example you might want a holder made from crystal instead. Some consumers prefer not to have a container that you can see inside of. They want something that is more discreet and more decorative. When this is the case you may want to consider a metal or ceramic cotton swab holder.

Cotton Swab Holder



Normally you will see holders that are either shaped like rectangular boxes or like jars. Which type you choose will depend on your preference. Boxes are usually shorter and wider since they are designed so that the swabs lay down flat inside of them.

Having a shorter container may be important since you may have to reach over it if it’s on the counter or it may have to be able to fit inside a certain space like on a shelf. Some boxes may even have a dispenser at the bottom where the swabs come out and are held so you don’t have to open the lid to grab one.

Cotton Swab Holder

Jars are another way to go. They are particularly popular since many are made to look like apothecary jars (small covered jars that were used by pharmacists in the past to keep medicine). These can give you the storage you need while adding a little retro style that can work very well even in contemporary spaces. They are usually taller than boxes so that the swabs can stand upright inside of them.

The body of the jars are usually made of glass or acrylic but they often have lids that are made from different types of metal with a range of finishes such as chrome, nickel, or oil rubbed bronze for example. Not only can these be very attractive on their own but you may want to choose a metal lid that matches the metal of your fixtures or colors in the room. Jars may also be made entirely from metal or ceramic too.

Cotton Swab Holder

Double Storage

When shopping you will notice that some containers are advertised as a cotton ball and swab holder. This may just mean you can use the holder for cotton balls or for swabs since they can work for either one. It also could mean that the container is made to keep both together. Like the standard type these come in boxes or jars and are made from acrylic or glass but have slightly different designs.

Cotton Swab Holder

Jars may have a tube in the center to keep swabs upright inside while the surrounding space in them is used for the cotton balls. Another type will have two jars (one for the swabs and one for the cotton balls) that look like they are separate but that are really attached at the base.

Jars that are attached can be a good idea if you’d like a glass cotton ball and swab holder since they are heavier than single jars and therefore much less likely to move around or get knocked over.

Boxes for holding both cotton balls and swabs will usually come in a sets of two or three and can be stacked on top of each other. With them you only take up the counter space needed for one but get double or even three times the storage. Because they are stacked they are usually made from acrylic to prevent breakage.

Cotton Swab Holder


Have Some Fun

Of course you don’t have to stick with boxes or jars. There are other options that can be more fun and still add to the look of your bathroom or wherever you will be using it. However, just remember that most of these are designed more to be adorable and helpful rather than practical.

For example while a lotus cotton swab holder may not be able to hold as many swabs as standard choices it will make quite a presentation that gets a ton of compliments from your guests. Another well-known and creative choice is the cloud catcher cotton swab holder that is in the shape of a cloud.

Cotton Swab Holder

You may even want to try and make your own. A plain mason jar for instance could be re-purposed and used to keep swabs. You could always give it a fresh paint job to add some color to your DIY cotton swab holder. Many types of plastic or glass jars could work although most won’t be as easy to use or look nearly as good as holders that are made specifically for the job.

Each of the holder types mentioned here can help you to stay more organized, save time, keep your swabs clean, and even improve the look of your space. And best of all since they are so cheap to buy you can purchase multiple containers for all of your bathrooms without spending much at all. They also make an inexpensive and attractive gift that will be sure to be used each and every day.

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