Garage Storage

The garage is naturally a place many homeowners choose to use for storage. Yet after a while things tend to pile up and look unsightly. Sometimes it can even be to the point where you can’t park your vehicle inside anymore. With the garage storage ideas listed here you can help to take back your space and improve its appearance at the same time.


Adding garage storage cabinets is a simple way to keep your items both protected and hidden from view. Many people prefer them over other choices such as shelving specifically because they don’t let you see what’s inside of them and provide a neat a clean look. Keeping your things inside of cabinets will also help to keep them from collecting dust and protect them from water damage.

Cabinets that have built in locks or can be locked with a padlock may also help to keep out thieves. Free-standing cabinets placed on the floor can give you quite a bit of storage space. If you have don’t have much floor space to work with you may want to think about installing wall cabinets. Of course if your garage tends to flood or leak you will want to choose a material such as plastic that can deal with it, without damage.

Garage Storage



Garage storage shelves are another option. With shelves you won’t have to worry about opening or closing and you can quickly grab what you need. Shelves generally allow for more storage than cabinets and are also an option for items that wouldn’t be able to fit inside of them.

There are both free-standing and wall shelves to pick from. If you will be keeping supplies, tools, or equipment that is very heavy you will definitely want to go with shelving made from a material like steel. For lighter items or use in damp areas plastic is usually the best way to go. If you do purchase shelves investing in some quality storage boxes can help you to keep them organized as well.

Garage Storage



When you need a lot of storage it is often times it is much more convenient to purchase sets. Sometimes called garage storage systems, these typically offer a combination of different types of storage. What each contains will depend on the brand and specific set you pick. Multiple standing and wall cabinets, drawers, and work benches are all things that might be included.

Sets are often much more pleasing to the eye than mixing and matching different materials and types of storage on your own since they are designed to match and complement eachother. If you shop around for deals especially on the internet, you can usually find much cheaper prices per piece than if you were to buy them each individually.

Garage Storage


Overhead Racks

Most people overlook a huge potential storage space: the area right above their heads. You will need an overhead garage storage rack however in order to take advantage of it properly.  These are sturdy metal racks and attach to the ceiling of your garage.

If you have are unable to actually park your vehicle inside your garage using one or more of these could easily solve that problem. You can place your items on it and park your car underneath it. These are perfect for keeping things that are important but that you don’t need to use daily, and may not want to have to purchase a shed or other expensive option to store.

Many people actually use them for kayaks and sports equipment. Some models even come with hooks so you can use them for bike storage that’s up off the ground too.

Garage Storage


Heavy Duty Totes

Certain items are much better off being stored in plastic storage boxes. Plastic keeps out moisture and help protect against pests. However you will want to pick garage storage boxes that are tough. Heavy duty totes are an ideal choice since they are made to be much more durable than standard boxes.

Because they are made from heavy duty plastic and are usually have reinforced lids and bottoms they can be used to keep much heavier items than standard options could without any risk of breaking. They also can be stacked on top of one another and handle much more abuse as well. Totes can be placed and stacked right on your floor or on shelves and overhead storage racks.

Many models are also designed so that they can be locked. Having a lockable storage box can be a big help when you need to keeping things that you don’t want kids or other guests to have access to. For this reason they are often used by outdoorsmen to keep all types of gear but also are handy for tools and just general storage.

Garage Storage


For those who use their tools regularly or have a workshop in their garage you will need to be able to keep tools organized and where they can be accessed easily. One of the simplest yet most efficient garage tool storage options is a pegboard.

These boards are covered in holes and slots in which you can place a variety of different hooks. The hooks can hold just about any type of hand tool you could think of. You can place the hooks in any configuration you’d like so they are totally customizable.

Pegboards are installed right on the wall so you can see all of your tools at once and grab whatever you need without any wasted time. They can be used to hang even very heavy tools. Tools aren’t the only thing they can be used for though, and they are often installed in the other rooms of the home as well. Many people like to use them in the kitchen for hanging pots, pans, and other cooking accessories.

Garage Storage

These garage storage ideas are all proven to make spaces both more manageable and functional. By using them you can finally reclaim your garage space and prevent clutter from ever starting to build up again.

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