Gift Wrap Storage

Wrapping paper always adds a special look and feel to the gifts you give. However, keeping those long and narrow wrapping paper rolls organized can seem just about impossible. If you’re like most people you’ve probably lived most of your life stuffing your rolls in plastic bags, corners, or closets.

However this never works since they are easily wrinkled, crushed, ripped, and guaranteed to gather dust while waiting to be used. With this guide you’ll easily be able to find the best gift wrap storage solution for your needs. And that means your rolls and even wrapping accessories will stay organized and looking like new.

Gift Wrap Storage

Quick Tips For Shopping Success

The biggest mistake people make when shopping is purchasing a gift wrap storage container that is too short to fit their rolls. This is not usually a problem when you’re keeping standard size rolls.

But for those planning to keep long forty inch rolls, you can save yourself a lot of time by simply checking the measurements of the storage solution you are considering before you buy.

Gift Wrap Storage

Where you will be keeping your wrapping paper may influence what you pick you as well. That’s because there are certain types that are made to be used in specific places such as under the bed or in the closet. So by having a general idea of where you would like to store your wrapping paper you can quickly narrow down the choices.

Many people are also looking to store extra accessories such as bows, ribbons, gift bags, and scissors along with their wrapping paper rolls. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to be sure and only consider a model that has all of the extra pockets or space you’ll need for these items.

Gift Wrap Storage


Standing Storage

When you’d like to use as little floor space as possible you’ll most likely want a standing gift wrap storage box. These are made to stand up on their own and give you access your wrapping paper without you having  pick anything up or pull anything out.

Because the rolls are in a vertical position they don’t have to support the weight of anything on top of them so there’s no chance of them being crushed. Standing boxes are ideal for being placed up against the wall, in corners, or in closets and storage spaces.

Of course what size rolls you can fit inside will depend on the height of the specific box. So for those long forty inch rolls be sure to choose one that is advertised as a tall gift wrap storage box. When shopping, you’ll notice that standing boxes are normally made from either fabric or plastic.

Gift Wrap Storage


Fabric Boxes

Typically fabric options have a top that can be zip closed and handles for easy carrying. They also often have extra pockets to hold your accessories and dividers to keep your rolls separated. Many fabric options can even fold flat to save extra space when they’re not in use.

You’ll want to remember though that with most models you can’t see inside of the box unless you actually unzip it and open it up which may or may not be something which is important to you. Like with other fabric choices holiday colors such as red and green are very common. Some standing fabric options may be tube-shaped as well although these won’t hold as many rolls.

Gift Wrap Storage

Plastic Boxes

A standing plastic gift wrap storage box will offer more protection than fabric. They use heavy-duty lightweight plastic so they are light yet tough. Generally they will have a transparent lid and sometimes a transparent body as well so you can see inside without having to open them up.

Plastic boxes can be quite spacious and able to accommodate a large amount of rolls without having to worry about the box itself tipping over. Unlike with fabric choices they won’t usually have divider so all the rolls and whatever accessories you’d like to place inside are all stored together in one single space.

Gift Wrap Storage


Under The Bed Storage

Keeping things under your bed is actually a smart use of space. And luckily for anyone who has limited space, or just wants to take advantage of all the space they have, there are many under the bed gift wrap storage options.

In fact they are probably more choices made for this overlooked storage spot than any other. Boxes and bags that are designed for this space will have a slim profile so that they can fit not just under the bed but on shelves too.
Gift Wrap Storage

Plastic Boxes

A plastic under the bed box will offer the most protection for your wrapping paper and supplies. They will protect your rolls from being crushed if other items or boxes are placed on top of them. Some boxes are made so that multiple boxes can be stacked on top of one another as well.

Another advantage of plastic boxes is that are clear so you can see inside. Many people actually like to purchase multiple boxes and use each one for different occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and special events.

Since they can easily see what’s in each one they can just grab the appropriate box with no wasted time. Because they don’t have pockets a few models may also include smaller boxes that can be kept inside and used for your ribbons and other accessories.

Gift Wrap Storage


Plastic Bags

Probably the least expensive of all under the bed gift wrap storage choices are plastic bags. These are made from plastics such as PVC and are totally clear so you can see everything inside. They typically zip shut and are very lightweight.

Bags come will come with handles for carrying and many are durable enough that they can be used to hang your bag from a hook on a door or wall. Because they are so inexpensive and transparent these bags are often used for a range of other items too and especially for bedding.

Gift Wrap Storage

Fabric Bags And Tubes

Under the bed fabric choices usually come in the form of rectangular bags or tubes. Just like with fabric standing boxes both types are often made in holiday colors and zip shut. A fabric gift wrap storage bag will normally have pockets, pouches, or compartments for your accessories and supplies.

And while you normally cannot see inside, some bags have a section of the body that is made from clear PVC to give you a quick peek of what’s in the bag. A fabric gift wrap storage tube is another option. Tubes won’t have all the pockets for your extras and are really only used for storing rolls.

Gift Wrap Storage

However, they can usually fit a lot and take up less space than bags. Fabric tubes are also easy to find in long sizes, so you won’t have problem storing your forty inch rolls. When considering both bags and tubes it is always a smart idea to choose a model that is known for having sturdy handles because you will be pulling these out from under your bed.

Gift Wrap Storage

Hanging Storage

You actually don’t have to have any floor space whatsoever to store your wrapping paper neatly and efficiently because there are also hanging gift wrap storage options. While some are designed to be used on your closet rod others can also be used on your closet door too.

By choosing to go with hanging storage you will not only save floor space, but also have all of your things easily accessible without having to bend down. Hanging options are very convenient for helping you to locate what you need very quickly since everything will be at about eye level and their pockets and pouches are typically clear.

Gift Wrap Storage


Door/Closet Rod Hangers

These are definitely one of the slimmest of all choices however they will give you some of the most storage. Most models of this type will have a fabric backing but a front that is covered with a range of PVC pockets and pouches for storing everything you need from wrapping paper, scissors, cards, and gift bags, to gift wrap ribbon storage.

For keeping rolls in place a good feature to look for are Velcro straps. And for extra value and twice the storage space, you may want to consider a model that has is double-sided and has storage on the back as well.

Gift Wrap Storage

The slim profile and numerous pockets of these hanging options make them handy for keeping other items organized too. (They actually look very similar in appearance to over the door shoe storage holders).

If you would like to use your hanging gift wrap storage organizer on your closet door, or any other door you may need to purchase a door hook before you can do so. Fortunately these are inexpensive and not hard to find online.

Gift Wrap Storage


Closet Rod Hangers

Not all hanging options can be used on your door some are made specifically to hang on your closet rod. These are usually much thicker and wider than the type described above. They are often made from fabric and have deep large pockets to hold a lot of rolls and may have pockets on all sides.

A lot of them are made to swivel so that you can turn your holder around to access whatever you need and from whatever side with little effort. There are also hanging bags as well which look similar to the ones used for under the bed storage.

Gift Wrap Storage


Rack Storage

While all of the choices mentioned so far can work incredibly well they are made for people who use their wrapping paper occasionally. If you’re wrapping gifts on a regular basis at home, for your business, or are into crafting, you will want to think about getting a gift wrap storage rack.

A rack will give you the quickest access of any option since you won’t have to deal with opening or closing anything. Everything you need is hanging in full view so all you’ll need to do is give the paper you want to use a pull to get started.

Gift Wrap Storage

And because you can see all of your rolls you instantly know when you need to purchase more and swap old ones out. The colors and patterns on your wrapping paper can also work as an eye-catching display in which ever room your rack is placed.Racks can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

Which type you choose will really depend on how much space you have and your preference. Regardless of the type you choose it’s usually best to place your rack as close as possible to where you will be doing your wrapping.

So next to your desk, counter, or crafting table would be ideal. If you are using a gift wrap wall storage rack you would want to install it above these places or on the closest wall to them. And don’t forget a rack can hold rolls of ribbons and be used to hang supplies and tools too.

Gift Wrap Storage

Whether you are looking for something to keep your wrapping paper clean, dust-free, and protected from one season to the next, or something for more regular use, there are many gift wrap storage options. And with the info and tips you’ve just learned you’re ready to choose the type which works best for you.

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