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Overlooked Storage Spaces You Need To Take Advantage Of

Not all of us have the space we’d like to work with when it comes to keeping our possessions organized. In fact it is many times quite the opposite. Luckily often the best spaces for keeping your extra things are the most overlooked and right in front of your eyes. So here are 5 areas of the home anyone can easily take advantage of now.

Under End Tables

End tables are normally used for resting things like drinks, the remote, lamps, and other pieces of décor. They also provide a small and almost never used area below that can be used to keep extra things. All you need is a single basket, bin, or cube that that fits underneath.

Many are quite attractive and can add some style to your home as well. In contrast if you’d like to keep your storage space hidden you could also always place a hemmed tablecloth on top of your end table.


Under Coffee Tables

The area under coffee tables is really ideal for storage simply because it’s so low down that it can’t be used for anything else. Because they are low to the ground it also makes it harder to see under the table if you are worried about your storage taking away from the look of your room or you could easily conceal it with a small tablecloth.

What you pick to use under your coffee table will depend how much space you have under it, some tables are taller and wider than others.  Storage cubes, baskets, and bins all work well of course. Many people choose to place their book collections under their table or even low stools for seating if there is space.

If your table has a shelf underneath you can use it of course but don’t forget the space underneath it too. Shallow storage baskets are especially good for this area between the floor and the shelf and provide even more storage.


Under The Bed

Beds can take up quite a sizable amount of space and that means they offer a great hidden area for keeping your things. Most people do keep a few items under there but if you invest in a few containers you can really take advantage of it in a smart and organized way. There are many options that work such as under-bed shoe storage containers but also things like lockable storage boxes and totes can often fit as well.

Of course you could use any combination of containers to work with the space you have and your specific needs. If you are interested in bed storage and have not purchased a bed yet there are actually a few types specifically designed for it with drawers, shelves, and much more.


Over The Toilet

Unless your home already has shelving over the toilet you may have never even considered this area as a space for storage. It is actually a great spot for keeping everything from extra toilet paper and bathroom supplies to your bathroom reading collection. There are many shelving units made just for use around your toilet to make sure you maximize every inch of this space. But even a simple shelf or cabinet can go a long way.


Over The Laundry Machine

Doing your laundry requires supplies and there is no reason to keep them in an unorganized or unsightly manner when you have the perfect space for them above your machine. Like with the area over the toilet, even a very basic shelf can make a big difference here so you don’t have to break the bank. You could even use it as a chance to do some DIY. A shelf or cabinet will give you the chance to keep your detergent, fabric softener, and stain removers up off the floor and always within easy reach.

Anyone can take advantage of these storage spaces with little or no effort. With a few simple supplies you can make sure they don’t go unused any longer!

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Five Tips Anyone Can Use To Their Keep Home Workspace Organized For Success


With the help of the internet working from home has become a reality for many people. However just like when working in an office your home work space can often become cluttered. This can be unsightly and even lead to lower productivity on your part. So here are 5 tips and practices you can use to make sure your work space stays optimal for success.

Save Only What You Need

One of quickest ways a desk or work area often become overloaded with clutter is when we choose to hold on to too many things. Of course they may be incredibly important and worth keeping. In reality more often than not only a small portion need to be held on to. So be sure to keep only what you truly need.

Rip it out, scan, or photo copy the single page or pages of importance from magazines, documents, and reports so you can file them or store them in an efficient manner without taking up extra space. You may also want to consider simply taking a photo of whatever it is and storing it on your phone or computer before throwing the item or document out.



Invest In The Right Storage Options

There are without a doubt some things you will need to keep on hand for daily and future use. To keep these organized and in place so you can find them without wasting any time you will need to invest in the right storage options. There are plenty of storage ideas but what you choose should depend on your specific job or business and its requirements.

You won’t need to spend a fortune and don’t want to end up cluttering your space with storage solutions you won’t use. Keep it conservative you don’t need to go storage crazy. Just make sure to place your storage accessories so that they are out of your typing or writing area so they don’t hinder your work but are still within easy reach when you need to use them.



Keep A Notebook

This may sound like a simple idea and it is.  Its simplicity is also why it works so well. Using a single notebook to write down ideas, plans, and to-do-lists can save you a huge amount of time, space, and stress. Most people use a combination of sticky notes, calendars, email reminders etc. to help them do this.

Others may even stress themselves out trying to remember them all and lose important ideas in the process. By keeping as much as possible in one notebook or even two you will save yourself time, space, stress, and make sure no thought ever goes un-recorded.



Keep A Garbage Bin Close By

Placing some form of trash receptacle near your desk if you don’t have one already can be a big help as well. Many people overlook this because they already have somewhere in their home to throw their trash away. However by adding something small close to where you are working you can quickly and easily get rid of trash without having to leave your work space and lose your focus.

This can be a big time saver if you happened to get easily distracted. For many people who work at home a trip to the kitchen to throw out some extra papers could easily end up in a major loss of time once they see chores that need to get done, dishes that need to be washed, or any other excuse to not get back to work.


Have A Cleanup Routine At The End Of  The Work Day

Of course even with a place to put your garbage you’ll need to actually throw things away to make sure your space stays neat. Like mentioned above only keep what papers you need, file them away,and get rid of the rest. The easiest way to do this is to make it a routine at the end of each work day.

By doing so you will be making sure that your work space is clean, looking great and ready to be used right when you sit down the following day. Be sure to give your space a good wipe down and get rid of any crumbs or leftover beverages that could attract pests.

These 5 tips can are easy enough that anyone can follow to get fantastic results. Even if you choose to only apply a few you’ll be on the right path towards organization and better productivity!

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Bed Storage Choices To Keep Your Bedroom Free Of Clutter

Bed Storage

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. It’s where you get the majority of your rest and of course recharge your batteries for the next day with sleep. Therefore it’s important that it stays organized so it can remain the most stress-free and relaxing space possible. Most people don’t realize that there are actually beds and accessories made for your bed to help you do so.

Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Of course there are dressers, cabinets, storage cubes and other types of storage furniture to help you keep your possessions however you may need something more. For extra storage space or when you have a limited area to work with from the start such as small or shared bedroom bed storage is a very smart and convenient way to go. Everyone needs a bed and that bed will take up floor space, so you might as well use it as a place to sleep and keep your things.

A Storage Bed

Instead of purchasing a normal bed frame, you may want to consider one specifically designed for storing extra items. Most are actually a type of platform bed which are beds with a flat wooden surface underneath that do not require you to use a box spring mattress. A platform bed with storage will have drawers underneath that you can use for clothing, bedding, or just for extra storage in general. These often are located on all three external sides.

Bed Storage


A Headboard With Storage

The headboard is meant to protect your head from cold drafts but it too can be used for more than one function. A headboard with storage is perfect for keeping an alarm clock, framed photos, lamps, a glass of water, tablets, or books. In fact there is even a type known as a bookcase headboard that is made up of mostly shelves but of course what you choose to keep on one is up to.

Other options may have a combination of shelves, cubbies, and cabinets. Some even look like a solid wooden headboard but have a hollow space inside so you can keep extra pillows and blankets. While many storage beds will come with a storage headboard, you can always purchase one on its own if you already have a bed. Just be sure to try and match the materials for the best look if this is the case.

Bed Storage

Under Bed Storage

There also quite a few under bed storage choices for anyone who has a bed already but wants to use the floor space underneath in a more convenient way. These can range from ones that are made for certain items or just for storage in general. For example for shoe storage there are under bed organizers that can used to keep a large number of pairs so that they are protected from dust, easy to find, and of course organized.

When it comes to keeping random items there are many containers designed to be slim enough for under bed use and also clear so you can instantly see what’s inside. For more security you may want to consider a lockable storage box as many can be slid right under a bed as well.

Bed Storage

All of these options can when used by themselves or together can give you the extra storage space you need to keep your bedroom organized. But don’t forget to be on the lookout for other choices, there are many other storage ideas such as bedside caddies which you can be attached between your bed frame and mattress to help you keep things neat on a dime or even beds which have a hidden storage space under the mattress!

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