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Simple Yet Effective Can Storage Ideas For Your Home

Can Storage

Canned goods offer a way to save cash, preserve foods for longer of periods of time, and stock up in case of an emergency. When you don’t have the proper can storage things can get out of hand quickly. With the following options however you’ll easily be able to turn things around creating organized and easy to use spaces.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Most people stack their cans one on top of another in their cabinets, pantry,  or on their counter top.  Unfortunately vertical can storage is totally inefficient. The cans placed in the front always end up blocking your view of what is behind them.

And when you have to shuffle things around to find what you want, it wastes time and cans often end up falling. These can become dented or damaged themselves and heavy ones can damage your counters, appliances, floors, or worse land on your feet.

Can Storage



A simple can storage rack can go a very long way. These are designed so that the cans are organized in a horizontal fashion allowing you to instantly see what you have, what you need, and makes finding things fast. Many racks are set at an angle so that when you remove a can, the ones behind it will roll down and take its place.

This is a very smart concept. When you buy new cans they are added on top or behind depending on the model. That means that you will be receiving your cans in the order which in which they expire, so the older cans first. This often advertised as “first in first out can storage.” By using a rack like this you will be helping to make sure you don’t waste any money on food that has to be thrown away later because it has expired.

Can Storage

Racks come with different capacities so they are able to hold different amounts of cans and some will also have dividers so that you can store cans of multiple sizes. But of course you will want to take a look at the individual model since some are designed more for food and soup can storage than for things like soda.

You can also find racks that are designed to be stacked on top of each other to save extra space. Most racks are made from sturdy steel wire or heavy plastic so that they can support the weight of many cans without bending.

Can Storage


A can organizer is another choice. These are made from clear plastic so you see right inside. Unlike racks they are used to hold a handful of cans instead of a large amount. If you have a space that won’t fit a rack you could always purchase a few organizers instead. You may want to organize your cans by size or what’s in them and use one organizer for each type.

Depending on what you need there are models that allow you to store your cans vertically or horizontally. Since they are smaller, organizers are often used for cabinet or pantry can storage but can also be used in places like the fridge with items like soda. Like with other options you’ll want to make sure the specific organizer you are considering will fit the size cans you will be using them to hold.

Can Storage

Can Dispensers

Most often these are designed specifically for soda can storage. But of course they could work too for cans of other things that have the same dimensions. They are made from wire or plastic and are designed so that when you take the first can out gravity forces the next can forward. This ensures you always have a can that is within easy reach.

Dispensers are often used in the fridge so that your beverages are kept cold but work many other places too. Some models are even designed with handles so that you can bring and carry cold drinks with you to outdoor events with ease. For extra storage you may want to consider one that has a flat top or rack above it which will allow you to place extra or larger cans on top vertically too.

Can Storage


There really is no need to waste any time with DIY can storage solutions since most of the options listed above work so well, are simple, and wallet-friendly. You could find storage racks plans online or attempt to create your own of course but that’s like trying to build a better mousetrap.

With these choices you can quickly organize all of your cans and keep them that way for good. You may even want to incorporate more than one depending on your needs and the space you are working with.

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Laundry Room Storage Shelves For Every Space

Laundry Room Storage Shelves

The laundry room is one area of the home which can quickly become disorganized and unsightly. Without the proper place to put bottles, boxes, sprays and clothing they can pile up fast causing clutter and chaos. When order and efficiency are a priority you’ll want to take a look at laundry room storage shelves. And here are some of the most helpful types to get you started.

Simple Shelves Can Go A Long Way

You don’t need anything fancy or expensive if you want to get organized. A simple coated metal shelf will do the trick. By installing one on the wall within easy reach of your washer and dryer you will be freeing up floor space and at the same time won’t have to worry about going over your budget because they are so inexpensive.

Many are made from materials like steel so they are sturdy enough to hold quite heavy bottles of detergent and fabric softeners along with whatever else you decide to use them for. You may want to consider using one on the wall above your washing machine and another above your dryer. By adding storage shelves laundry room clutter can quickly be managed and eliminated.

Laundry Room Storage Shelves

No Holes Required

Many people are looking for shelving above their units but don’t want to put any holes in their walls which is often the case when renting. An easy solution are shelves that are made to hang right over the top of your machine. This lets you keep your washing and drying accessories as close as possible to where you will be using them. Just be sure you choose a model that has a lip to protect items from falling off and damaging your appliances.
Laundry Room Storage Shelves


Sometimes You Just Need More

Another great idea for those don’t want to, or can’t drill into their walls but need vertical storage, are adjustable shelves with laundry racks. With multiple shelves along with a rack to hang clothing directly above your washer or dryer they can be a huge help if you require a place to keep a larger number or variety of items.

They have supports which can be adjusted to fit snugly around the width of the body of your machine allowing them to take up as little space as possible. While some models stand on their own with a base, others may use adjustable poles that reach from your floor to your ceiling instead.
Laundry Room Storage Shelves


A Spot Normally Overlooked

The space in-between the washer and dryer almost always goes unused. In fact, it’s one area that most of us would never even think could be used efficiently. However with a slim storage cart anyone can do so. These movable laundry room storage shelves are especially useful for anyone who can’t reach shelving on the wall and those who are living in very tight spaces.

Since they have wheels you can slide your cart back in-between your appliances when you’re done using whatever items you need to make sure your supplies are hidden from view for a clean look.

Laundry Room Storage Shelves

The laundry room shelves and storage ideas mentioned above are all incredibly useful. By assessing how much storage you need, where you would prefer that storage to be, and taking an honest look at your space choosing the right shelving is easy. If you’re creative, with a little thinking you can also re-purpose many of them for other uses and areas in your home as well.

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A Cigarette Receptacle: The Only Way To Store Butts

Keeping your property looking its best doesn’t just come down to great landscaping and having the proper storage for your outdoor items. It also requires you have a place to store unsightly and unsanitary things as well.

And for anyone who smokes cigarettes, lives with someone who does, or frequently has guests who do, they can tell you that cigarette butts can be a big eyesore. To prevent them from taking away from the look of your home you’ll want to consider a cigarette receptacle to help you keep those butts where they belong: out of sight.

The Problems

There are actually quite a few problems with disposing cigarette butts improperly. Of course the most obvious one like mentioned above is how much they can take away from the visual appeal of your property. Simply put no outside space can look great with discarded cigarettes in the grass, on the cement, or in your garden. They can smell horrible too especially when there is a large number.

And of course butts which are still lit can be a serious fire hazard. Most people know that there are a large number of dangerous chemicals in cigarettes and that the filter helps prevent them from entering the human body. Yet they forget or don’t realize that because of this the filter which is left behind in the butt of the cigarette will therefore contain these chemicals in concentrated amounts.

This is means that when they are thrown on the ground they can be a serious hazard for small children, pets, and even get into your soil. They also can also pose a threat to backyard wildlife which may accidentally consume them.


A Solution That Never Works Long-Term

Contrary to what some smokers think the solution is not a DIY cigarette receptacle consisting of a bucket and sand. Neither are empty cans of all types nor beer bottles. All of these can also really take away from the appearance of your yard, stink, and become a real mess once they are exposed to the weather.

The Real Answer To The Problem

A proper cigarette receptacle on the other hand can make storing and disposing butts a snap. They are specifically designed to hold as little oxygen as possible so that once you drop a cigarette inside it will be sure to go out. The butts are stored in the base of the unit so that they are totally hidden from view and remain there until you are ready to empty them into the trash.

How much a receptacle can hold will depend on the size and model you choose.  Similar to an outdoor storage bench or lockable storage box they will often tell you how many gallons of storage space they can contain.

Normally they are made so that rain or snow cannot get inside the receptacle. And to make sure that the cigarette smell is totally contained inside instead. Many cigarette butt receptacles also are designed to be as discreet as possible and some can actually add to the look of your outdoor space. Others may even be manufactured to look like columns or pieces of outdoor décor so that they blend in without anyone noticing.

Different Options

As for materials your choices are either plastic or metal. You won’t have to be concerned with placing a burning cigarette in a plastic model since once inside it will fall into a metal bucket or container. Plastic options come in more colors and are typically cheaper while metal is known for being more sleek and professional looking.

Depending on where you will be placing one there are both wall-mounted and free-standing receptacles. The wall-mounted type is often chosen for use right outside the door, garage, or even on deck posts. Free-standing ones on the other hand are the way to go if you want a patio cigarette butt receptacle that can be moved if the need arises, or simply used wherever is convenient for you.

Whether you are looking for something to keep the area outside your home, rental property, business, or office free from the smell, look, and hazards of cigarette butts, the right solution is pretty clear. A cigarette butt receptacle will make sure that your space stays as clean as you need it to be.

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