Cigarette Receptacle

Keeping your property looking its best doesn’t just come down to great landscaping and having the proper storage for your outdoor items. It also requires you have a place to store unsightly and unsanitary things as well.

And for anyone who smokes cigarettes, lives with someone who does, or frequently has guests who do, they can tell you that cigarette butts can be a big eyesore. To prevent them from taking away from the look of your home you’ll want to consider a cigarette receptacle to help you keep those butts where they belong: out of sight.

The Problems

There are actually quite a few problems with disposing cigarette butts improperly. Of course the most obvious one like mentioned above is how much they can take away from the visual appeal of your property. Simply put no outside space can look great with discarded cigarettes in the grass, on the cement, or in your garden. They can smell horrible too especially when there is a large number.

And of course butts which are still lit can be a serious fire hazard. Most people know that there are a large number of dangerous chemicals in cigarettes and that the filter helps prevent them from entering the human body. Yet they forget or don’t realize that because of this the filter which is left behind in the butt of the cigarette will therefore contain these chemicals in concentrated amounts.

This is means that when they are thrown on the ground they can be a serious hazard for small children, pets, and even get into your soil. They also can also pose a threat to backyard wildlife which may accidentally consume them.

Cigarette Receptacle


A Solution That Never Works Long-Term

Contrary to what some smokers think the solution is not a DIY cigarette receptacle consisting of a bucket and sand. Neither are empty cans of all types nor beer bottles. All of these can also really take away from the appearance of your yard, stink, and become a real mess once they are exposed to the weather.

The Real Answer To The Problem

A proper cigarette receptacle on the other hand can make storing and disposing butts a snap. They are specifically designed to hold as little oxygen as possible so that once you drop a cigarette inside it will be sure to go out. The butts are stored in the base of the unit so that they are totally hidden from view and remain there until you are ready to empty them into the trash.

How much a receptacle can hold will depend on the size and model you choose.  Similar to an outdoor storage bench or lockable storage box they will often tell you how many gallons of storage space they can contain.

Cigarette Receptacle

Normally they are made so that rain or snow cannot get inside the receptacle. And to make sure that the cigarette smell is totally contained inside instead. Many cigarette butt receptacles also are designed to be as discreet as possible and some can actually add to the look of your outdoor space. Others may even be manufactured to look like columns or pieces of outdoor décor so that they blend in without anyone noticing.

Different Options

As for materials your choices are either plastic or metal. You won’t have to be concerned with placing a burning cigarette in a plastic model since once inside it will fall into a metal bucket or container. Plastic options come in more colors and are typically cheaper while metal is known for being more sleek and professional looking.

Cigarette Receptacle

Depending on where you will be placing one there are both wall-mounted and free-standing receptacles. The wall-mounted type is often chosen for use right outside the door, garage, or even on deck posts. Free-standing ones on the other hand are the way to go if you want a patio cigarette butt receptacle that can be moved if the need arises, or simply used wherever is convenient for you.

Whether you are looking for something to keep the area outside your home, rental property, business, or office free from the smell, look, and hazards of cigarette butts, the right solution is pretty clear. A cigarette butt receptacle will make sure that your space stays as clean as you need it to be.

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