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Keep Your Possessions Safe And Organized With A Lockable Storage Box

Lockable Storage Box

Keeping your possessions under lock and key is often a must. When that is the case a lockable storage box is most likely what you need. There are boxes designed for just about every preference, requirement, and use.

Most boxes today are made from either heavy-duty plastic or metal. Both have their own advantages and uses for which they work best. So we’ve compiled a list of all the top options from both of these materials along with the important info you need to know to make things easy for you.

The Top Benefits Of A Lockable Plastic Storage Box 

Plastic boxes aren’t typically used with valuables and are not fire-proof however they are not designed to be, instead they are made to have convenient features such as being:

Lockable Storage Box

Lightweight Yet Tough

One of the biggest advantages of  plastic lockable storage boxes is the fact that they are light in weight but very strong. This makes them easily portable and movable without added weight or bulk.


Boxes made from plastic also have the benefit of being weatherproof  This means that no matter what the weather, your belongings will be not only safe but dry as well.  Unlike with other materials  when using plastic you won’t have to worry about the box itself decaying, rotting, or rusting when used outdoors or in wet areas.

Lockable Storage Box

Available In A Range of Sizes

When shopping for a lockable plastic storage box you will find that there is a wide range of sizes to choose from. The sizes are described by how many gallons or cubic feet of storage they can hold.

Designed With Function In Mind

Plastic storage boxes are known for being made with extras that are very helpful. Some have wheels for easy transport, grooves that make them easy to tie down with bungee cords or rope, strong latches, easy to hold handles, texture for extra grip and recessed lids that make stacking a cinch. Of course these will depend on the type and model and brand you choose.
Lockable Storage Box

The Most Common Types Of Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes

Cargo Boxes

Made to be very rugged so that they can handle a lot of abuse, cargo boxes are often the preferred choice of hunters, campers, fisherman, and anyone who works with tools.  While there are various sizes, in general they can store quite a lot while still being easy to handle.  A locking cargo box isn’t as wide and deep as bigger options so you can fit one in your backseat, trunk, bed of your pickup, or on your boat.  Many consumers actually choose them specifically for keeping emergency equipment and supplies in these locations.

Lockable Storage Box

Some cargo boxes will have wheels while others don’t. So be sure to keep this in mind if you will be using your when travelling or planning on adding very heavy items.   For extra security many models will have multiple padlock tabs so you can use more than one lock to make sure no one gets into your stuff when you’re not around.  This is one type of plastic lockable storage box that is often used for shipping gear by air, so the added tabs can be a helpful feature.  They are also made to be stacked or tied down if you need to as well.

Lockable Storage Box


Mobile Chests

For more storage space a mobile chest might be what you need.  They are much deeper than cargo boxes allowing for more storage space, many up to 50 gallons.  While they might not look huge, their depth allows them to hold a tremendous amount of stuff which makes them a deceivingly large lockable storage box that is still easily manageable.

Lockable Storage Box

Mobile chests are a favorite of contractors, builders, and tradesmen of all types. This is because they allow them to keep all of their hand tools, supplies, and power tools in one safe, dry, and lockable place.  And that means protection from the weather and theft on the job site.

Lockable Storage Box

Their extra sturdy wheels can support the weight of heavy tools and with the help of an extendable handle make bringing them to and from the work site every day easy.  You won’t have to worry about straining your back since transporting one is just like pulling a piece of luggage at the airport.  They can even handle some pretty rough terrain.

Lockable Storage Box
Some consumers are looking for a locking storage box that can also help to keep their tools and supplies organized for easy access. If this sounds like you, you might want to choose a box that comes with extra tote trays and tool dividers.

Lockable Storage Box


Heavy Duty Storage Totes

Also sometimes marketed as lockable storage bins these are an excellent choice for all-around storage. They may look similar to your average plastic tote or bin but are made to be much more durable.  With features like reinforced bottoms and lids that allow them to hold heavy weights without cracking and also be stacked one on top of another without a problem they are often purchased for use in the home, basement, and garage.

Lockable Storage Box

Heavy duty totes are also popular with campers who are looking for a lockable waterproof storage box to keep all of their gear, sleeping bags, and food dry. Many of the top brands will offer models that have weather-tight seals to keep out moisture and pests if you need even more insurance.  For gear and items of all types these offer extra protection that works just as well at home or in outdoor extremes.

Lockable Storage Box


Lockable Storage Trunks

The next step up in size are trunks.  These have the same extra strong features as totes but with added space for even more and larger items. Trunks area made to be stackable too, so even though they may take up more space than a small lockable storage box, they can be stored vertically in an organized and efficient manner.

Lockable Storage Box

Usually trunks will have wheels so that even if you fill one up and it becomes to heavy to lift you’ll still be able to wheel it around.  And while they are yet another choice for keeping tents and camping materials, you shouldn’t expect to be able to bring one into the woods with you since the wheels are suited only for flat surfaces.  That being said they are a smart choice for home use, teens going off to college, and for travelling with expensive or delicate gear and materials.

Lockable Storage Box


Deck Boxes

A deck box is a lockable outdoor storage box that has a very large capacity.  In fact they are the biggest plastic option for homeowners  offering anywhere from fifty up to around one hundred and thirty gallons of storage space.  Like you can guess from the name deck boxes are ideal for the deck but also on the patio or anywhere else.

They are typically used to keep a wide range of outdoor items in a place which is convenient for you and your family.  With a deck box you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the garage or storage shed every time you need something.  Simply place your box near where you will be using the items and stock it up.

Lockable Storage Box

If you have a swimming pool one of these placed near the water makes an excellent place to keep toys, cleaning equipment and chemicals.  For anyone who loves planting when set close to your flowers they make an ideal lockable garden storage box for tools, fertilizers, and bags of soil along with extra pots.

But of course they can be used for anything and everything from grilling equipment to keeping extra seat cushions.  Lockable with a padlock they will keep kids, neighbors, and thieves out. Whatever you choose to keep inside them of course will remain dry, and protected from all the extremes of the weather regardless of if that is rain, snow, or the sun’s rays.

Lockable Storage Box

Some, but not all, are designed with a flat top that can support a lot of weight so that they can double a bench.  This is a handy feature you might want to take advantage of if you have limited space or just want to have the option of using it for extra seating if the need should arise.  If seating and storage are both priorities you may also want to check out an outdoor storage bench.

Lockable Storage Box



Lockable Ammo Boxes

As any hunter or firearm owner knows ammunition needs to be kept secure and dry. Plastic ammo boxes provide the perfect protection from family members, guests, or anyone else who shouldn’t have access to your ammunition. All you need to do is attach a padlock.

Lockable Storage Boz

The plastic material keeps water and moisture out which helps to prevent corrosion so you won’t have to worry about your ammo becoming unsafe to use in the future.  The top options will often also have an O-ring seal or a dual latching system to make sure the contents inside stay totally dry.  With plastic storage boxes you also won’t have to worry about unsightly dents and dings like with metal ammo boxes.


Lockable Storage Box

Since storing multiple boxes of shells or bullets can quickly add up in weight, these lockable storage boxes are made with heavy-duty handles and latches. Many also are designed with ridges that allow for easy stacking so you can stockpile your ammo in an organized manner.  These range from smaller plastic ammo cans to larger boxes that can also be very useful for holding a variety of other items as well.

Lockable Storage Box


The Advantages Of A Lockable Metal Storage Box

The other material option when it comes to a lockable storage box is metal.  Unlike plastic, metal boxes are designed specifically to be used in the home or business for your valuables or items which require more security.  And while they might not be as versatile as the plastic variety and are not made to be used outdoors they do offer quite a few things that plastic does not.

Protection That Is Portable

For keeping items of extreme value a safe if really what you need. However safes are designed to be heavy and hard to move which may not be convenient for what you plan on keeping inside. When you want protection that is portable metal boxes can be the perfect solution.


Lockable Storage Box

Various Levels Of Security

Of course there are different levels of protection to choose from depending on what you need.  While one made from aluminum may offer very basic security, a steel lockable storage box  made from heavy gauge steel will be much tougher.  Those with double steel wall construction are actually designed to be highly fire-resistant.

Built-in Locks

Unlike plastic lockable storage boxes which require you to purchase your own lock, metal boxes normally have their own built-in combination or key lock.  Some actually have two locks which require two separate keys for extra security.  For those who don’t want to have to bother with a key there are also boxes that are equipped with standard or digital combination digital locks.

Lockable Storage Box


Compared to buying a safe which can cost thousands of dollars, a metal lockable storage box is a great deal. Even the best brands are only a fraction of the price of an inexpensive safe which makes them, cheap way to insure the well-being of your valuables.


The Most Common Types Of Lockable Metal Storage Boxes
Cash Boxes/Security Boxes

Without a doubt the most commonly used type of lockable metal storage box is what is known as a cash box.  They are also sometimes called security boxes or safe boxes.  These are meant to protect cash but can be used for anything that can fit inside.  They are also ideal for important documents such as birth certificates, receipts, contracts, and passports. Many firearm owners will use them as an inexpensive and safe way to keep handguns as well.

Models that are made specifically for cash often have built-in drawers and bill weights to keep bills and change neat and organized into different denominations.  Other boxes come with cash drawers that can be taken out so you can keep other items under them or use them only if you choose to.  And some have no dividers or drawers at all which may be what you’re looking for; it depends on what you will be keeping inside.

While they are not as impenetrable as a real safe, they are designed to keep valuables and cash under lock and key so that employees, co-workers, guests, kids, and of course thieves can’t  have access.  However, they are also very helpful for making sure that all of your important things are in one secure place.

The smaller size and portable nature of cash boxes really makes them very well-suited for being hidden.  This is often a huge advantage over a metal safe which is normally obvious and will attract immediate attention from thieves.  A box on the other hand can be hidden in a closet, desk or random place that a thief or curious child might not think to look.  A lot of people will use one as a lockable under bed storage box that can be grabbed in a hurry if needed.

Since these boxes are made to be portable with strong handles that make carrying easy you can bring your cash to the bank, gun to the range, or valuables out of the house in an emergency.  They are often used for bake and garage sales and can make a good gift for children and teens who want a special place to keep their things and of course savings. For the small business owner they often function for keeping petty cash and receipts.

If you need something that is fire-resistant be sure to choose a box that has double steel insulated walls.   You can also purchase special fire resistant bags to place your items in before they go in the box.  For even more protection you might want to consider one that is fire proof.  These are specially designed to be fireproof for a designated amount of time, for how long and at what temperature depends on the model.  Some have waterproof seals as well and can function as both a fireproof and waterproof lockable storage box so you can be sure neither fire nor flood will ruin what’s inside.

Lockable Medicine Storage Boxes

There are many reasons and situations when using a lockable storage box for medication is a necessary. Every parent needs to make sure that medicines are secure so that children don’t have access to them. Even medicines which may be considered harmless can cause severe reactions and even death when taken in large quantities.  So it always better to be safe than sorry.

Lockable Storage Box

Anyone who shares a home with a family member who has a substance abuse problem or that has become addicted to pain medications really needs to consider purchasing one as well.  They are also a good idea when taking care of the elderly who may not remember if they have taken their medicine already or not. By locking their prescriptions up you can help prevent an accidental overdose.

Lockable Storage Box

A lockable medicine storage box can also protect medicines from theft at home, work, and of course when travelling.  While they can be found in plastic, metal boxes are much sturdier. The toughest options are made from steel.  Many are designed so that they can be anchored to a wall for extra security and may even come with a cable that can be used to secure them to large objects.  Their size allows them to be hidden in the home easily or fit inside a cabinet if you’d like.

Lockable Storage Box

The majority come with locks that work with a key or have a combination.  A few even use key cards for for those who prefer key-less entry and not having to remember a combination.  Just be sure to pick a box that is large enough so that it can fit the size bottles you want to keep inside.  This is particularly important if you will be storing liquid medicine.  Extra features like pouches and straps might be something to look for since they can be very handy for syringes and other medical necessities.

Lockable Storage Box

Gun Boxes

Responsible firearm owners always keep their weapons locked up.  And for handguns this doesn’t always need to be in an actual gun safe.  Made from heavy gauge steel, gun boxes offer an alternative that can be both very convenient and also affordable.  They will keep family members and visitors from having access while at the same time protect your gun from damage with an interior that is lined with soft foam.


Lockable Storage Box

Gun boxes are commonly used for handgun storage in the home especially in areas where you can have quick access today them in the case of an emergency. And because they are slim they can also be hidden quite easily in areas that a safe would not fit.  They also function very well as a portable lockable storage box for those who will be travelling with their gun in their car and many even meet TSA guidelines for airline travel.  Some boxes will also come with a steel cable so that you can secure them to solid objects in the home, inside you vehicle, or directly to the inner parts of your luggage.

Lockable Storage Box

Locks can use keys, have a combination, or be biometric and are always built in.  Generally biometric and key locks are preferred if you will want to be able to open your box as fast as possible in the dark.  While they are typically inexpensive, with this type of lockable metal storage box you do get what you pay for, so you should never try to sacrifice quality for price when it comes to safety.


Multi-Use Boxes

There are a quite a few multi-use boxes on the market as well. They are ideal for anyone looking for a portable lockable storage box that isn’t designed for a specific type of item. You can put whatever you want inside from school supplies to your favorite possessions.  And for this reason they are popular with students and young kids but also for anyone who works in an office and want to keep their things safe at work.

Lockable Storage Box

In general they are not as sturdy as a cash or gun box but they aren’t made to be which means that they are often quite inexpensive as well. And while some come with a key or combination lock others may require you to purchase your own padlock.


Lockable Storage Box


Oversized Boxes

Some items may be a little too big or oddly shaped to fit into standard size boxes.  This is often the case with longer items as well such as tools and knives. Oversized lockable metal boxes are a smart solution. These are usually easy to stack for convenient storage and are often used for things like ammo and even to keep foods safe from pests in the kitchen.

Lockable Storage Box

Both plastic and metal lockable storage boxes are an excellent investment for anyone looking for safe and well-protected storage.  For large scale storage or keeping tools, equipment, and general items a plastic storage box is probably your best bet.  And if you will be storing valuables and important documents be sure to choose a lockable metal storage box from a reputable brand for maximum security.  And most importantly be sure to relax and enjoy the fact that your possessions are secure and organized!

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The Best Shoe Storage Ideas, Options, and Solutions for Your Home

Shoe Storage

As anyone who owns a lot of shoes or is a parent, knows proper shoe storage is a must.  Having a place to keep shoes where they can be found as easily and fast as possible is a huge time saver.  Storing your shoes in an organized manner also helps to de-clutter your home so it can look its best while also protecting your shoes.

Having the proper storage can be an enormous help for families with multiple kids as a big pile of shoes near the front door not only looks horrible but can be very dangerous as well. Whether you’re someone with a serious shoe collection, an athlete, part of a big family, or someone who just loves to be well organized, there is something for everyone.  From shoe storage cabinets to under bed shoe organizers, with a little reading you can find the right product for your needs and your shoes.

Shoe Storage Boxes for Easy Viewing  
What are they?

Shoe storage boxes are made from transparent plastic in the shape of a shoe box which are made to hold one pair of shoes. There are typically 2 types of shoe storage boxes ones which fold down flat and open on the ends and boxes which have lids.

Shoe Storage

Where should you use them?

These are excellent for closets.  They can easily clear up a cluttered closet floor or shelves allowing you to have convenient access to your shoes and an uncluttered closet space.

Advantages of Shoe Storage Boxes

They’re clear: Unlike other types of shoe storage with these, you can see into the boxes and easily identify what shoes are inside.  This means time saved when you need to find a specific pair in hurry and no more opening and closing countless shoe boxes and making your closet more disorganized in the process.

-They’re cheap: Another great advantage of shoe storage boxes is that they are a very inexpensive option.  They are also most often sold in large packs of which can range anywhere between from 4 to 24 boxes and usually start at about $2 per box depending on the brand.

-They’re stackable: Unlike shoe boxes which are generally all different sizes and lengths even if they are made for the same size shoe and can make stacking like playing a game of Jenga. Shoes storage boxes are made to stack right on top of each other for both easy stacking and removal both on the floor and on shelves.  This also makes them perfect for keeping a large number of shoes in a small space. Shoe Storage -They’re dustproof:  Because they are enclosed shoe storage boxes keep your shoes from gathering dust while waiting for you to wear them so when you finally do they’re ready to wear.

Disadvantages of Shoe Storage Boxes

While they might be great in your closet  the only disadvantage of shoe storage boxes is that they are not as visually appealing as other options like a shoe storage cabinet or bench.  However for closet storage they can’t be beat.


When purchasing shoe storage boxes you want to make sure you purchase the clearest boxes you can. If you choose ones which are not very transparent you might have more difficulty in telling apart shoes which look similar or they might be harder to see inside of especially in a dimly lit close.

If you do accidentally purchase boxes which are not very clear you can always take a photo of whatever pair of shoes are inside and tape it to the ends of the boxes.

A slightly more expensive option but one which offers more convenience are drop front shoe storage boxes. These allow you to open the box from the front without having to take the box out of the stack.  Drop front boxes usually cost around $8-10 dollars per box.

Shoe Storage

You can use shoe storage boxes for boots as well, there are models made specifically for boots and are longer than those made for shoes.  These usually come in packs of 2 and cost a little more per box.

An excellent feature to look for is a finger hole which makes the boxes easy to pull them off shelves or down from the stack.

Ventilation holes are another great feature to look for as they allow air circulation for your shoes even though they are enclosed.  


A Shoe Storage Cabinet Complements the Room
What are they?

Shoe storage cabinets can be any number of styles or colors but are all free –standing.  They come with around 4-5 shelves and can accommodate many different pairs of shoes. Shoe Storage

Where should you use them?

These are ideal for both entryway and hallway shoe storage but can really be used in almost any room.

Advantages of Shoe Storage Cabinets

-Great looking pieces of furniture: Shoe storage cabinets are made to compliment your home and with a huge variety to choose from its easy to find one which not only matches your home but makes it look even better.

-Hide your shoes from visitors: Unlike shoe racks or storage boxes, shoe storage cabinets are made to keep your shoes hidden providing discrete storage while looking good at the same time.

Large capacity storage: Many shoe storage cabinets are large enough to accommodate up to 25 pairs of shoes.  This means they are perfect for families, people who have a large shoe collection and athletes who have many different shoes for different activities. Shoe Storage -Easy to clean: The majority of shoe storage cabinets are covered with laminate which easy to wipe clean and are also very scratch-resistant.

-Offer storage for other items as well: Many cabinets have drawers which allow for additional storage for your other possessions along with your shoes.

Disadvantages of Shoe Storage Cabinets

Most cabinets will need to be assembled at home however this is usually fairly simply only taking an hour or so as they come with instructions and numbered pieces which are easy to identify. They are also more expensive than other types of shoe storage.  Some shoe storage cabinets are not deep enough to fit very large size male shoes, but in this case all you have to do is place the shoes in sideways instead of straight.


Definitely purchase the deepest cabinet you can if you are going to be keeping very large shoes. Choose the room before you choose your cabinet.  Because so many of these are so great looking it would be a shame not to choose the right color and style for the room you are going to keep it in. First decide where you want it and then use this to help you choose the model which compliments your space. Shoe Storage A very helpful feature to look for is adjustable shelves, which can help you fit high shoes or boots.

It’s worth paying a little more and getting a higher quality product.  Most really high quality shoe storage cabinets are at least $150 and up.  While you can find some for as low as $50, these are not nearly as good as the more expensive models.They need to be strong and solid enough to hold a lot shoes and not fall over, break, or crack and the higher end models definitely are.  And when you take into consideration the added beauty a good-looking shoe storage cabinet can give the room, it’s worth paying the extra money.


A Shoe storage Bench Has Many Functions
What are they?

Also just called a shoe bench, a shoe storage bench like the name implies is a bench which offers seating and also storage for your shoes and other items.  There are typically 2 types: ones which are have an open shoe rack or cubby holes under the bench and what are called hidden storage shoe benches which keep your shoes hidden from view and open up to multiple shelves in the base of the bench. Shoe Storage

Where should you use them?

They work the best for entryway and hallway storage.

Advantages of Shoe Storage Benches

They can be very stylish: Like shoe cabinets, shoe storage benches can add beauty and style to your home with their good looks.  And just like a garden bench, even if you don’t use it for sitting a bench is always a great way to add a focal point or accent to your space.

-Offer seating as well: Shoe storage benches are excellent for providing you with a place to sit and put on your shoes on the way out, sit and take them off on the way in, or sit down near the front door in your entryway while waiting for a friend to pick you up.

Shoe Storage -Many options: Another advantage of shoe storage benches is the fact that they are available in many different styles, colors, and designs so you can properly match your home décor.  Some have pillows and cushions while others don’t; it’s up to your taste and preference.

-Can be very inexpensive: While some benches are a few hundred dollars, many simple benches can be purchased for around $50 both look and function extremely well.

Disadvantages of Shoe storage Benches

Like many other storage options they usually need to be assembled at home, however it’s not difficult to do yourself.  The only other thing some people don’t like is that with simple shoe storage benches you can see the shoes, that being said they are under the seat of the bench so they are not very visible and you always have the option of purchasing a hidden storage shoe bench. Shoe Storage


These are pieces of furniture and so just like with shoe cabinets you should look at the style, feel, color, etc. of the space you want to use it before you decide on a specific bench so you can increase the odds dramatically of it improving the look of the room.

Shoe storage benches make great functional additions to hallways that need a little something or that look too bare.


Hanging Shoe Organizers Are A Great Way To Utilize Space
What are they?

These are a unique looking option which either hang over the door or on the rod of your closet like a hanger.  They come in 2 styles one with cubby holes and the other with pouches.  Most often both are made from either canvas and sometimes linen. Shoe Storage

Where should you use them?

These are made for closet storage but can also be used over any door or on any clothing rack.

Advantages of Hanging Shoes Organizers

-Extremely cheap:  Most hanging shoe organizer are only around $15-20 making them a very cheap option that won’t break the bank.

-Take up very little space: Because of their slim design (especially the over the door type) they take up very little closet space allowing you to free up floor and shelf space for other necessities.

-Keep shoes out of sight:  The fact that they are made for your closet means that your shoes will be hidden from guests and not take away from the look of your room. Shoe Storage

Disadvantages of Hanging Shoe Organizers

Many can only fit a single large man’s shoe in one slot.  So if you have a lot of big shoes make sure you buy one with many slots.  Some can also only fit a large single high-heeled shoe as well.


With the over the door type if you’re are worried about the door hooks scratching your door or door frame, you can always purchase stick-on hooks and use them to hang your organizer.

These are great for anyone with a bad back, knees, or just doesn’t like the idea of having to bend down every time they want to find a pair of shoes.


Under Bed Shoe Organizers Make Under Bed Storage Easy
What are they?

Similar looking to an open suitcase, under bed shoe organizers are normally have a clear vinyl face which zips closed and multiple pockets so you can keep your shoes separate. Shoe Storage

Where should you use them?

These are specifically made for under bed shoe storage but many people use them in their closets as well.

Advantages of Under Bed Shoe Organizers

-They’re easy on the wallet: Under bed shoe organizers are very cheap, usually around $10-20.

-See-through Cover: Their clear cover allows you to pick out the shoes you need at first glance, no wasted time opening boxes or trying to find the pair you need.

-Dust free: This cover also keeps out dust and debris so you won’t need to wipe down your shoes before you wear them.

-Handles for easy pulling:  Under bed shoe organizers have handles on each side which you can easily grab to pull them out from under your bed, down from a closet shelf, or use to carry wherever you need to.

-Can be used for other items: They are also great for keeping or organizing other small items and shoe accessories, clothing, socks, underwear, etc.

Shoe Storage-Breathable: Virtually all underbed shoe organizers are made from breathable materials which allows for ventilation of your shoes (always a good thing).

Disadvantages of Under Bed Shoe Organizers

Some models may be cheaply made with flimsy material, zippers, dividers, and handles.  Make sure you purchase a quality brand such as Richard Homewares or Dazz.


A good feature to look for is that the organizer is also foldable, which means that not only does it provide fantastic under bed shoe storage but it is easily stored itself.

Strong and durable handles are a must. Some organizers can keep up to 18 pairs of shoes so the handles need to be able to handle that weight if you decide to use them when moving your organizer.

These are a great idea for college students living in dorms where the space is limited and they have to use the space under their bed for storage. And of course they can use an under bed shoe organizer for other items as well.

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31 Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

Storage Ideas

Each room in your house or apartment has its own unique function and that in turn means that each one has its very own storage needs and solutions.  Those solutions are normally ones which allow us to access that storage in an easy and convenient manner. Here are 31 great storage ideas for just about every room in the house along with some extra ones thrown in for the most common items most people require storage for.

Garage Storage Ideas

-Overhead Garage Storage Rack

The most overlooked garage storage space is overhead.  It’s especially easy to do so if you don’t have any garage shelving.  An overhead garage storage rack can immediately clear up floor and wall clutter allowing you to be able to actually park your car inside your garage or just free it up in general. Another great feature of these are that they keep your possessions out of reach from children, pets, and from being run into or over by your car. Many storage racks can hold some serious weight, up to around 600 pounds, and are made from steel.  A really helpful feature to look for are accessory hooks which may have to be purchased separately but let you use your rack not only as shelving but to hang all sorts of items that would otherwise take up space.  Most are not difficult to install yourself, but always remember measure twice and drill once. Expect to spend anywhere from $100-400 for quality a rack depending on its size. Storage Ideas


-Broom Organizer

A broom organizer is a cheap and easy way to get all kinds of yard tools, brooms, and snow shovels up off the floor and in order.  While it’s easy to place handles inside of the organizer as well as take them out, broom organizers will firmly hold items in place not allowing them to fall.  This is because the rolling balls inside the clips automatically adjust to the thickness of the individual handles. These also are fantastic for indoor use and many people use them for things like vacuums, Swiffers, mops, and more.  Like with an overhead garage storage rack you should look for one with hooks to help you hang even more tools.  Three of the best brands are Evriholder, Strackle, and Anybest, all which are excellent quality and sell between $10 and $20.   Storage Ideas


Bathroom Storage Ideas

-A Space Saving Bath Cabinet

Bathrooms can be one of the hardest rooms to use for storage especially if they are not very large.  A space saving bath cabinet is one of the best small bathroom storage ideas but also works just as well in bigger bathrooms too. The reason they are so handy is because they utilize the space above your toilet.  This is a space which is almost always overlooked and putting it use is always a good idea.  The one below by Sauder features a 2 shelf cabinet, a bottom shelf, and 2 adjustable shelves.  Unlike other models which normally offer only shelving, with a model like this one you use the cabinet for storage and the shelves to display items or pictures which could compliment your bathroom as well. Storage Ideas


-Toilet Roll Stand

Not having an accessible place to keep extra toilet paper rolls when they are needed can be not only an annoying problem but an embarrassing one. Keeping them on top of a counter might not be too appealing to the eye even if it gives you easy access in case you run out.  However a toilet roll stand lets you keep extra toilet paper where you need it most, close at hand, while looking good at the same time.  Some stands actually function as toilet paper dispenser along with holding up to 3 extra rolls, so you will never have to worry about running out.  They come in a variety of materials but normally in chrome or bronze.  A toilet roll stand can add function and beauty to a bathroom big or small and of course save some embarrassment too.  Expect to pay between $20-40 for a top of the line stand. Storage Ideas


Bedroom Storage Ideas

-Bedside Caddy

While many people love to read or listen to music while in bed, they don’t necessarily have a place to neatly store their books, magazines, tablet or IPod which is easily accessible.  Most people have to get out of bed to put their things away or end up falling asleep with them in the bed.  While that’s no big deal if it’s a book or magazine, a fall from even bed height onto a hard floor could end in you having to replace or at least fix most electronic items. A bedside caddy fits between your mattress and bed frame to give you easy bedside storage for the remote, headphones or anything else you need at hand when relaxing in your bed. These are also a fantastic gift for university students who need all the extra storage they can get, especially if they plan on studying in bed or don’t have a desk.  Costing less than $20, many people buy a few, keep one, and give the rest away as gifts. Storage Ideas


-Drawer Dividers

Trying to find matching socks, the right tie, bra, or pair of underwear is always annoying, especially if you’re in a rush.  Drawer dividers provide an easy fix and one which not only provide neatly organized storage for small items of clothing but also fold down themselves so they can easily be stored too.  They make a great functional gift for messy teenagers and spouses and come in sets so you can use them to store a variety of different size items.  These also work really well on shelves in walk-in closets and are made from sturdy canvas so they are durable.  They make another great bedroom storage buy at under $20.   Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas

-Dry Food Dispenser

No more cereal box clutter and having your cereal go bad before its expiration date as a result of not properly being sealed.  A dry food dispenser makes a wonderful and unique looking counter top storage option that will have your friends asking where they can get one too.  Most dispensers can hold around one gallon of food each and will dispense a controlled portion of food with a twist of the knob, which also means they are great for kids and area simple way to not waste food.  You can use them for a variety of food items like cereal, candy, rice, nuts, and more.  While they will take up a small amount of counter space they will save a ton of cabinet space.  They are easy to clean and make a smart choice for both storage and looks. They can usually be found from $25 for a single dispenser to around $50 for a double dispenser and of course cheaper if on sale.   Storage Ideas


-Bag Dispenser

While a huge amount of people save plastic bags, almost none have a convenient or good-looking way to do so.  If you are like the majority of people you use a large plastic bag to keep all of your other plastic bags.  While this might work, it can be unsightly and definitely something you want to keep hidden inside your cabinets.  Trying to take out only one bag is also extremely annoying as it almost never works and a few extra always tend to fall out.  A bag dispenser will make bag hoarding look good and also handy at the same time. All you need to do is tuck your bags into the opening on top and if you need a bag simply pull it out from the wide dispensing area.  They work just as well inside a cabinet as mounted on a kitchen wall and will make helping the environment by reusing plastic bags more convenient than ever. The one below manufactured by Superhuman will hold up to 30 grocery bags and costs around $10. Storage Ideas


Pantry Storage Ideas

-Pantry Organizer Rack

Piling platters, cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cutting boards on top of one another in your pantry doesn’t make them easily accessible when it’s time to use them. In fact doing so means you will always have to take out the ones on top of the one you need first which is not efficient at all.  Or even worse, if you choose to slide out the one you need, whatever is on top could quite easily break as it comes down.  Pantry rack organizers are made to be sturdy so you can store all types of cooking and baking platters and boards in your pantry without having to worry about it tipping over.  And they have multiple dividers so you can quickly grab whatever you need without any pushing, shoving, or maneuvering.  Many are also good-looking enough to use on a countertop as well and are ideal for keeping cutting or chopping boards within easy reach at all times. Storage Ideas


-Pantry Bins

Keeping any cabinet organized, especially when they have food containers of all different shapes and sizes is a challenge.  Pantry bins are designed to manage this problem by using a few key features.  The fact that they are made from clear plastic lets you instantly see what’s inside of each one so there is no moving things around to find what you need.  They also come in a variety of sizes and ones which also are the most suitable for fitting items you would keep in your cabinets.  There are bins specifically made for things like coffee, packs of seasonings, as well as for mixed items of all sizes.  They are available with dividers and have a lip which lets you easily pull out the whole bin if you need to.  InterDesign is well known for their high quality and handy bins which are made to neatly contain almost any item you could think to store in your pantry. Storage Ideas

Closet Storage Ideas

-Closet Doubler

Just like the name suggests a closet doubler can double the hanging space in your closet.  This is a very simple idea that works very well. A closet doubler attaches to your closet bar and hangs low enough that you can use it to hang an extra level of clothing under the ones already hanging from standard hangers.  You can double the amount of clothes in the same space in a matter of seconds and all for around $10-15. Storage Ideas


-Custom Closet Organizer

Keeping a closet organized without the proper shelves or garment racks can be extremely frustrating and almost impossible.  With a custom closet organizer set like the one offered by Rubbermaid (pictured below) you can transform your closet space into a thing of organized beauty.  In fact this kit will add 12 feet of hanging space and 20 feet of shelving to your closet.  It is fully customizable and adjustable and it even allows you to create a double hang area similar to that of a closet doubler.  And if that’s not enough, you can purchase add on kits such as pant racks, shoe shelves, or a tie and belt valet. Anyone can install one of these in minutes leaving you stress free and clothes organized.  While this kit retails for over $200, you can find it for less than $100 online. Storage Ideas


Shoe Storage Ideas

-Hanging Shoe Organizers

Normally made from canvas, hanging shoe organizers make a great low cost storage investment.  They hang from the rod in your closet and their cubbies each can hold a pair of shoes.  Most organizers will hold about 10 pairs so you’ll actually be able to see the bottom of your closet once again.  There are also smaller organizers available that can hold 3 pairs or 6 pairs if 10 is too many.   And because canvas is a breathable fabric your shoes will be able to air out as well.  Hanging shoe organizers can also be used for small items of clothing too.   Both Household Essentials and Richards Homewares make excellent and high quality organizers from about $15-20. Storage Ideas


-Shoe Storage Boxes

Another great way to store your shoes, shoe storage boxes offer some really convenient features.  They are almost always clear or at least semi-clear so you can see inside of them and not have to open a ton of shoe boxes to find the shoes you need which will save a heap of time. Also, because they are a uniform size, unlike normal shoe boxes, you can stack them and organize them easily which really helps with closet clutter.  Shoe storage boxes are very cheap at around only $2 per box. Storage Ideas

Toy Storage Ideas

-Toy Hammock

A fun way to keep your child’s toys off the floor is with a toy hammock.  They function just like a normal hammock but instead of providing you with a place to relax they provide a unique storage solution for toys.  A toy hammock is also the perfect item for any child with an extensive teddy bear or stuffed animal collection; this is why they are often referred to as “pet nets.”  When it comes to buying one, especially one which is large enough and sturdy enough to hold a decent amount online is the place to look. The Prince Lionheart Jumbo shown below is a best-seller on Amazon and can fit up to around 50 stuffed animals all for under $10. Storage Ideas


-Toy Storage Organizer

Kids’ toys can be all different shapes and sizes.  This can make them notoriously hard to keep neatly on shelves or in cabinets.  A toy storage organizer with multiple tote bins lets you keep all your children’s toys in a manner which makes them easy to see, access, and put away for both you and your child. Because they are made from plastic they are easy to clean and are durable.  They are also available in a large variety of colors and some have handles making them easy to move.  Choosing a model without any sharp edges or corners is always smart idea to prevent injuries. Storage Ideas


Lego Storage

-Lego Storage Head

What better Lego storage idea is there than a Lego storage head.  These large heads are a fantastic gift idea not only for keeping Legos but for all sorts of toys.  The best part is they come in both male and female faces, from small to large in size, and with a variety of fun facial expressions which your kids will love.  With a large head able to store around a thousand Lego blocks it’s guaranteed to not only look cool but hold a large amount of blocks as well. Simply open up the head and dump the Legos in! Storage Ideas

-Lego Storage Brick

As opposed to a storage head, another fun Lego storage idea is a storage brick.  Shaped like an actual Lego block these open up for easy Lego storage.  They can range in size from the small 2 block, the medium 4 square block, or the rectangular 6 block.  These are made by Lego so they are available in all the traditional Lego colors. The unique thing about them is they stack up just like real Legos do making clean up time fun and creative! Storage Ideas

-Lego Workstation and Storage Unit

Yet another great way to store Legos.  Containing 6 portable project cases, this workstation by IRIS makes being organized a snap.  Not only will it hold a ton of Legos but comes with 2 free building base plates.  It also has a secure place to fit a base plate on top of the storage unit so your child can use it as an area to play or show off their latest Lego creation while still being organized.    Storage Ideas

Jewelry Storage Ideas

-Ring Case

This simple classic always works well.  With cushioned ring holders your rings will not only be safe from damage but organized as well.  A handsome wooden case always make a great compliment to any room and is also a smart gift idea for both men and women.  They can be used to store not only rings but earrings and cuff links too. Storage Ideas


-Hanging Jewelry Organizer

An innovative way to store your jewelry, a hanging jewelry organizer is a simple concept. They are usually made from cotton and canvas and are supported by a heavy duty aluminum hanger which you can hang in your closet.  They have clear pockets, some organizers up to 40 per side, so you can keep all of your jewelry and find what you need quickly.  Because all of your jewelry is stored separately you won’t ever have to worry about it getting tangled or scratched and of course tarnished.  Hanging jewelry organizers usually cost anywhere between $15-25.     Storage Ideas


Makeup Storage Ideas

-Makeup Storage Drawers

Made from acrylic, makeup storage drawers eliminate the wasted time spent looking for the right makeup.  This is because acrylic is clear, that means you can see through the whole set of drawers and instantly find what you need.  These are an excellent choice for bathroom countertops or vanities.  Most drawer sets have between three and five drawers and can really hold a lot of makeup, many times your entire collection with room to spare.  They always work well as a gift for the wife or girlfriend especially if they have a ton of makeup, and an added plus is that makeup storage drawers look great too! Storage Ideas


-Lipstick Organizers

Finding the right shade of lipstick can be a major pain especially when you have a lot to look through in order to do so.  A lipstick organizer keeps your lipsticks standing upright so you can find the right one quickly and without any effort. These like many makeup storage options are made from acrylic.  They are available in quite a few colors so you can choose one to match your décor, your style, or one that’s just your favorite color.   Lipstick organizers are very inexpensive and normally hold around 24 lipsticks. Storage Ideas


Bike Storage Ideas

-Bike Hoist

Bikes can take up a lot of space, and in a garage this could mean you not being able to park your car or simply not having enough room for your bike.  A bike hoist uses hooks to support your bike under its seat and handle bars in conjunction with pulleys to get your bike up in the air and out of the way. These are surprisingly very cheap and usually only from $15-25. Storage Ideas

-Bike Hooks

The cheapest bike storage option are bike hooks.  Costing only around $10 for a set of two hooks, they are also simple to install.  Just drill a hole in your ceiling and screw the hooks in, no skills necessary.  Many apartment dwellers use this option to not only save money but space as well. Storage Ideas

Craft Storage Ideas

-Craft and Hardware Cabinet

A great buy for anyone who has a large amount of crafts or hardware to store. They are filled with semi-clear polypropylene storage boxes so you can see what’s inside each box without wasting any time.  The best-selling Akro-Mils craft and hardware cabinet shown below actually has 32 small boxes and 12 large boxes for a total of 44 total boxes allowing you to store an enormous amount of items for less than $30. Storage Ideas


-Divider Box

Keeping crafts separated and organized makes using them so much more enjoyable.  A divider box is the cheapest and easiest way to do so.  The best boxes have removable dividers so that you can customize the box to fit your own unique craft storage needs.  Divider boxes are stackable so you can keep multiple boxes in a small space.  A simple sturdy handle is a good feature to look for as it will help you to not only carry your box but to take it down off of shelves with minimal effort. Storage Ideas


Book Storage Ideas

-Book Box

If you don’t have the shelf space, are in the process of moving, or just want a convenient way to store your books a book box could be the answer.  Keeping books moisture and dust-free is what these boxes are made to do.  Made from clear polypropylene so you can see inside and quickly find the book you need, book boxes are also tough.  This toughness allows you to stack multiple boxes on top of each other to save space while protecting your books at the same time.  These also work for magazines and comics as well. Storage Ideas

-Over The Door Book And Magazine Organizer

Perfect for dorm rooms and other rooms where you would like to keep books and magazines out of the way, yet organized and in easy reach.  While you’re not going to be able to keep all your books in one of these they are sturdy enough to hold quite a few.  Many parents also use them to separate mail for the family as well as to keep important school papers organized for their children. Over the door book and magazine organizer are also inexpensive only costing around $20. Storage Ideas


Tool Storage Ideas

-Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

These are ideal for your garage, workroom, or basement.  A pegboard keeps your tools organized and easy to find.  These panels are mounted on the wall and with holes that accommodate hooks, brackets, and shelves you can hang your tools in any way you like.  While they are available in a few different materials metal pegboards are the way to go as they are more durable and sturdy than other materials which is very important when using one to hang expensive tools. Metal also easily wipes clean, and looks really good too.  Most pegboards will come with a bunch of hooks so you can setup your board and start hanging tools right away. Storage Ideas



-Household Hanger

For hanging only a few tools a household hanger like the one shown below made by Lehigh is super convenient and cheap.  Only about $5, these screw to the wall and are strong enough that they can easily hold six tools or other household items such as brooms, dust pans or mops.  While not the answer for the serious tradesman who has a ton of tools these all-wire hangers are an excellent choice for a closet, garage, basement, or anywhere else you need a simple and strong hanger.  Many homeowners purchase 3 or 4 because they are so cheap, strong, and reliable. Storage Ideas

With so many fantastic storage options listed above you’re bound to find at least a few that will make your life easier.  Any option that saves you time, frustration, and also cuts down clutter is worth its weight in gold.  So choose what works for you and start on the path to organization and stress-free storage today!

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